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is3_133 - radiation from the nucleus b The decomposition of...

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Final Examination F-3 8. Radiation received by the body over a short period is: a. Chronic exposure b. Sublethal exposure c. Acute exposure d. Supralethal exposure 9. Chronic exposures are: 10. Radioactive decay is defined as:
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Unformatted text preview: radiation from the nucleus b. The decomposition of radioactive atoms due to lengthy exposure to direct sunlight c. The gradual decrease in the number of radioactive atoms in radioactive material due to spontaneous fission d. The decline in the strength of a radioactive source due to the combined effects of time, distance, and shielding 11. The key elements of emergency management are , Response, Recovery and, Mitigation. a. Removal b. Preparedness c. Measurement d. Employment...
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