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Radiological Emergency Management Independent Study Course F-4 12. The majority of radioactive material shipments are made in this type of packaging. a. Type A b. Type B c. Limited Quantity d. Industrial 13. Type B packages must be able to meet Type A requirements and also withstand the effects of ______________________ conditions? a. Higher radiation b. Accident c. Higher weight d. Faster transportation speed 14. The label required for radioactive material packages with a maximum dose rate of 200 mR/hr at the
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Unformatted text preview: surface of the package is: a. Radioactive Yellow-II b. Radioactive Yellow III c. Radioactive White I 15. The label required for radioactive material packages in excess of 50 mr/hr but less than 200 mr/hr is: a. Radioactive Yellow-I b. Radioactive Yellow-II c. Radioactive Yellow-III 16. To determine the amount of radioactive material in a package of radioactive materials, you would look at the: a. Placard b. Label c. Package type...
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