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Final Examination F-5 17. The distinctive symbol used to identify radioactive materials is the: a. Diamond b. Tri-blade c. White square 18. Unbroken radioactive material packages never have a surface radiation dose above this level: a. 50 mR/hr b. 100 mR/hr c. 500 mR/hr d. 1,000 mR/hr 19. A member of the public should give lifesaving first aid to injured victims of a radiological transportation accident: a. Without delay out of concern for radiological hazards b. After verifying that no radioactive material packages have broken open c. After isolating the area d. Immediately after notifying the appropriate authorities 20. In the United States, serious radiation exposures: a. Have not resulted from radiological transportation accidents due largely to the nature of the
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Unformatted text preview: material transported and the use of appropriate protective packaging b. Have resulted from improper labeling of radioactive material shipments c. Have resulted from improper packaging of radioactive material shipments d. Frequently result from radioactive transportation accidents due to the large number of such shipments 21. In every power plant that generates electricity, the following components are present: a. Heat source, steam generator, cooling tower b. Heat source, turbine electricity generator, pump c. Turbine electricity generator, pump, cooling tower d. Pump, steam generator, cooling tower...
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