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is3_136 - b After the reactor shuts down c Until the...

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Radiological Emergency Management Independent Study Course F-6 22. A chain reaction results when a uranium atom is struck by released by a nearby uranium atom undergoing fission. a. Electron b. Proton c. Gamma ray d. Neutron 23. The three main barriers in a nuclear power plant to prevent release of fission products are the fuel rods, the reactor vessel, and the ________________________. 24. To prevent fuel damage, decay heat must be removed from the reactor core:
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Unformatted text preview: b. After the reactor shuts down c. Until the primary coolant system is activated 25. Control rods are used in a reactor core to: a. Absorb free neutrons b. Are a source of free neutrons which are used to cause fission c. Encase the nuclear fuel 26. In a pressurized water- reactor the primary cooling water: a. Boils in the core and is used to turn the turbine b. Evaporates to the atmosphere using a cooling tower c. Transfers its heat to the secondary cooling water in a steam generator...
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