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is3_137 - b Site Area Emergency c Alert d Unusual Event 30...

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Final Examination F-7 27. A large modern nuclear power plant has approximitely fuel assemblies in its core. a. 100 b. 50 c. 200 d. 500 28. Nuclear power plant emergency plans are required to incorporate actions for which of the following types of radiological hazards? a. Direct exposure to radiation from a plume of radioactive material b. Blast effects c. Fallout 29. In a , a major failure has occured, but an immediate response by the public is not needed. a. General Emergency
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Unformatted text preview: b. Site Area Emergency c. Alert d. Unusual Event 30. If evacuation is required following a nuclear power plant accident, it is recommended that individuals living anywhere closer than miles be evacuated. a. 2 to 3 b. 3 to 5 c. 5 to 10 d. 15 31. A detonation of a nuclear explosive above 100,000 feet of altitude is called ______________. a. An air burst b. A high-altitude burst c. A sub-cosmic burst d. A surface burst...
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