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is3_138 - a Heat b Radiation c Shock d Dust 35 A nuclear...

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Radiological Emergency Management Independent Study Course F-8 32. Nuclear explosions can be of times more powerful than the largest conventional weapon. a. Hundreds b. Thousands c. Millions d. Billions 33. The total energy released in a nuclear explosion, is the explosion’s: 34. The immediate destructive action of a nuclear explosion is caused by this.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Heat b. Radiation c. Shock d. Dust 35. A nuclear explosion which releases energy equivalent to 7,000,000 tons of TNT: a. Is called a 7 kiloton burst b. Has an energy yield of 7 kilotons c. Is called a 7 megaton burst d. Has a thermal energy release of 7 million kilograms...
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