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Final Examination F-11 45. The two radionuclides which concentrate in seafood are: a. Lead and mercury b. Thorium and mercury c. Lead and polonium d. Polonium and mercury 46. By far, the radionuclide used in most nuclear medicine procedures is: a. Carbon-14 b. Strontium-90 c. Technicium-99m d. Cobalt-60 47. Nuclear medicine techniques work through the detection of this kind of radiation, injected into the body
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Unformatted text preview: by adding a radioisotope to a certain drug: a. Alpha particles b. X-rays c. Gamma-rays d. Neutrons 48. Cancerous tumor cells can be treated by high energy or _____________________________. a. Neutrons, alpha particles b. Neutrons, electrons c. Gamma rays, X-rays d. Gamma rays, neutrons...
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