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BIOC 460 Spring 2010 Syllabus and Lecture Schedule

BIOC 460 Spring 2010 Syllabus and Lecture Schedule -...

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Biochemistry 460: Proteins and Metabolism Spring 2010 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00 AM – 10:50 AM Room: Chemistry 111 Course Instructors Dr. Lisa Rezende Course Coordinator Office: BSW 268 Phone: 626-7230 [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday 10 AM – 11 AM; Wednesday 11 AM- 12: 30 PM, or by appointment Dr. Florence Tama Office: BSW 448 Phone: 626-4725 [email protected] Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday: 11 AM – 12 PM Tuesday: 12 PM – 1PM or by appointment Teaching Assistants Rebecca Johnson [email protected] Office Hours: TBA Zachary Miles [email protected] Office Hours: TBA Undergraduate Preceptors Kimberly Yang Office Hours: TBA Harish Narayanan Office Hours: TBA Corresponding with course staff Course announcements will be posted to the D2L news section. Any electronic correspondence with course instructors will come from university email accounts (i.e. @email.arizona.edu or @u.arizona.edu). Please address all administrative issues to Dr. Rezende, the course coordinator and allow 24 hours for a response to non-emergency issues. Course Materials Textbook Biochemistry 6 th edition by Jeremy M. Berg, John L. Tymoczko, and Lubert Stryer. Students taking only BIOC 460 may purchase the red paperback
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customized copy for University of Arizona. Students continuing on to BIOC 461 should purchase the blue full edition. Course web site on D2L Information about all other aspects of this course (including lectures, readings, and problem sets) will be available on the D2L course web site. Changes to the course schedule and other announcements will be posted on the course web site. It is the responsibility of each student to check the course web site at least weekly for important announcements. Calculators A simple nonprogrammable scientific calculator (one that does log and ln functions) will be useful in the course; programmable calculators will not be permitted for quizzes and exams. Course Description Bioc 460 is a challenging three unit course for students interested in general biology, molecular biology, chemistry, pharmacy, physiology or nutrition. Student completing the class will learn the basics of protein structure and function, enzyme regulation, signal transduction, energy conversion pathways, metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and amino acids, and metabolic regulation.
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BIOC 460 Spring 2010 Syllabus and Lecture Schedule -...

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