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Quiz 1 Key 2010 - Ionic(electrostatics salt bridges These...

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Q1) Describe an Amphipathic molecule. An amphipathic molecule contains polar and nonpolar regions When mixed with water, how these molecules tend to structure themselves and why (no credit without explanation? 1) Polar region tends to be exposed to water because they can interact with water 2) Nonpolar region tends to cluster together to avoid interactions with water, (hydrophobic effect) Q2) What is the dominant interaction between two oppositely charged ions?
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Unformatted text preview: Ionic (electrostatics, salt bridges) These ions are moved from water (dielectric constant about 80) to benzene (dielectric constant about 4). What would be the effect on the interaction and why (no credit without explanation)? The interaction will be stronger because the force is inverse proportional to the dielectric constant....
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