14 433 DSSRNA

14 433 DSSRNA - Sickness Subgroup Coltivirus Colorado Tick...

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1 dsRNA Viruses - Reoviridae dsRNA Viruses - Reoviridae Properties due to segmented dsRNA Reassortment – Shift Mutations – Drift many sub-families, strains, hosts Stability (resistance to degradation) dsRNA Virion Structure Cleavage Activation Removal of shell(s) to activate for attachment (sigma 1) a core replication complex dsRNA Viruses Intracellular Mechanisms • Escape from the endocytic vacuole Æ fusion •RNA ±Po lymer izat ion ± in situ • dsRNA sequestered •dsRNA Æ mRNA
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2 Rotavirus Diarrhea Subgroup Orbivirus Blue Tongue in Sheep Hemorrhagic Disease in Deer (North America) African Horse
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Unformatted text preview: Sickness Subgroup Coltivirus Colorado Tick Fever Rotavirus Vaccine: Rotavirus Vaccine: Immunogens Immunogens : VP4 Group VP4 Group VP6 G-type type VP7 P VP7 P-type type Serotype Prevalence Rotavirus Vaccines Make Make-up of Rota up of Rota Teq Teq Rotavirus Vaccines <50 42 85 2 oral doses No reassortants; RIX4414, a further-passaged human strain Hum rota Rota rix 9 63 98 3 oral doses 5 reassortants; 4 reassortants with VP7gene from G1 G2, G3, or G4 Bov rota Rota Teq % Vaccine virus sheddin % Reduction in hosp % Protection against severe Dose Formulation Parent strain...
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14 433 DSSRNA - Sickness Subgroup Coltivirus Colorado Tick...

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