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Viewing Guide: Mother Tongues Questions you may want to ask on the discussion board or explore on your own: (1) What is a language family? What is a proto-language? (2) What is “tone” in language? (3) What is a lingua franca? Questions to explore as you watch the film: (1) How many different languages are spoken in the different geographic regions of the world? ~2000 in Africa and ~6000 in the world. (2) Which areas of the world have a lot of linguistic diversity and why? Africa & the spread of the Bantu languages ~ 8000 years ago. People have been there a long time. Lots of our knowledge about tone(s) come from the African languages. (3) Why do languages diverge from each other over time? Isolation from each other to where they evolve separately. Africa (1) What are some African languages? What are some African language families? Swahili, Bantu, Arabic (2) Why is Swahili an important language in Africa? It has a respectable history, from roughly the 6 th century A.D. Developed primarily along the Indian coast. Swahili is an adaptation of a Swahili word for ‘coast.’ Swahili developed from Arabic and is the major language of east Africa. Swahili is the language that Hollywood associates with African language. (3)
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mother_tongues_guide-1 - Viewing Guide: Mother Tongues...

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