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INDV101 Language December 21 st , 2009 to January 12 th , 2010 ** This syllabus is subject to change ** Instructor: Kara Hawthorne, MA Email: Virtual Office Hours: via d2l chat or e-mail, by appointment only **In person meetings are possible from December 21 st through 23 rd , and from January 7 th through 12 th , by appointment only.** Course Description: This class fulfills a Tier One requirement. INDV courses explore the central questions about the nature of human beings, focusing on the individual experience. This class will focus on language. We will explore linguistic issues and methods, including discussion of the phonetics, syntax, and physiology of human speech. We will also discuss communication among animals, language change through time, language acquisition by children, and language in the brain. Course Objectives: At the end of the term, successful students will have mastered the following content: * The sounds that occur in human languages, how they are produced, and how they are written in the International Phonetic Alphabet. * The connections between spoken, signed, and written languages. * The basic grammatical structures that we use to build words and sentences. * The basic ways in which language is processed in the brain. * The mechanisms by which humans learn language as a child and as an adult. * The similarities and differences between human language and animal communication. * The challenges faced by endangered languages, and the native languages of Arizona. Students will also learn to: * Debunk common myths about language. * Evaluate the quality of reporting about language issues in the popular media. * Develop intuitions about and awareness of their own language behavior. Lectures, readings, and videos: Unless otherwise noted, all mini-lectures, readings, and videos are required . The lectures will be video podcasts. All of the content will be organized by date, and will be posted under the “Content” link from the course website in d2l ( No textbook is required.
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Grading: Grades will be based on a point system. Points can be earned by successfully completing assignments, taking quizzes, and participating in class activities. Work can be turned in early. Late work will not be accepted without official documentation (i.e., police or doctor's report)!!! Requirements Grading Scale Online Participation = 25 points A = 90-100 points Papers = 40 points B = 80-89 points Peer Reviews = 15 points C = 70-79 points Quizzes = 20 points D = 60-69 points Total = 100 points E = 0-59 points Extra Credit: You can receive 2 extra credit points for participating in a linguistics experiment. E- mail to set up an appointment. If you are out of town, get in touch with me, and I will give you an alternative assignment. You can only receive up to 2 points of extra credit. Requirements:
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syllabus - INDV101 Mind, Self, & Language Language st...

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