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Sustainable Agriculture Web Inquiry The information to answer to following questions will be obtained by doing a web search. Be critical of what you find - check whether it is a reputable organization or authority and compare the information on the subject from other sources. Stick with .edu, .org, or .gov for academic research. Cite the sources for each answer. Supply author, date accessed, and complete URL . Place the citation and number of words in answer at the end of your answer . Each answer should contain about 100 words. I will deduct points for answers that are significantly above or below this limit. Answers must be written in complete, well-formed sentences and be grammatically correct. Be sure to check your spelling. Each question will be worth 6 points, except for the last question (#8), which will be worth 8 points. Answer concisely but completely. To Be Submitted to Instructor: (Please answer questions in the format presented; do not submit one long paragraph) . Include a word count at the end of each answer!
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Describe sustainable agriculture. 2. How long has sustainable agriculture been practiced by farmers and land managers? For this question you need to do a bit of historical research (Hint: Do some research - It's more than 100 years.) 3. Describe four of the problems that sustainable agriculture addresses and how it proposes to alleviate or decrease the effects of these problems. Please organize these answers as “a-d”. 4. How do legumes fit into the premise of sustainable agriculture? What is their role in providing nutritional needs for plants? 5. What are two methods used to improve soil quality? 6. Describe integrated pest management. 7. Is there a difference between sustainable agriculture and organic farming? Does one necessarily include the other? 8. (Do not need reference as this is an opinion ). Do you think there is a benefit in teaching farmers and land managers the principles of sustainable agriculture? Why?...
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