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errors in Pierce textbook

errors in Pierce textbook - List of Errors Found in Pierce...

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List of Errors Found in Pierce “Genetics: A Conceptual Approach”, 3 rd Edition pg 42 Header says “Chapter 1” it should be “Chapter 2” pg 78 Second column, 1 st paragraph, 2 nd sentence has a common instead of a semi-colon. The sentence should read, “Thus, it has two haploid sets of autosomes and two sex chromosomes; one set of autosomes and one sex chromosome inherited from each parent.” pg 83 Figure 4.13 Under “Methods, Hypothesis:” nondistinction should be nondisjunction. pg. 90 Sentence in last full paragraph beginning “Ancestors of Heming’s children…” should read “Descendents of Heming’s children…” pg.106 Figure 5.6, a “-” sign is missing after the “C+” for the orange pepper pg 121 Figure 5.18a The 3 rd bubble should read, “The size of the fetus is determined by the paternal allele.” pg. 158 6.26 Vertical line missing between parents shown in generation I and the son, II-4.
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