PS1_Sp10 - Problem Set 1 Mendelian Genetics &...

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- 1 - Problem Set 1 Name: Mendelian Genetics & Probability ECOL 320: Genetics, Sp 10 TA: You must show your work to receive credit. Put a box around your final answer. 1. Wooly hair is a rare dominant trait found in people of Scandinavian descent in which the hair resembles the wool of a sheep. A male with wooly hair, who has a mother with strait hair, moves to an island that is inhabited by people who are not of Scandinavian descent. Assuming that he never leaves the island and that no other Scandinavians immigrate to the island, what is the probability that a grandchild of this male will have wooly hair? Draw out a pedigree as part of your answer. 2. Albinism in humans is caused by a recessive allele, a . From marriages between people known to be carriers and people with albinism, a. what proportion of children would be expected to have albinism? b. if a couple were to have three children, what is the chance of one child without albinism and two with albinism? 3.
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PS1_Sp10 - Problem Set 1 Mendelian Genetics &...

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