2 - TA Christine Feng [email protected] Section Mon 4-5...

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Unformatted text preview: TA: Christine Feng [email protected] Section: Mon 4-5 Center 205 OH: Wed 11-12 Geisel S&E This Week In Lecture: • Alpha helix • Beta sheet • Motifs • Ch 1-5 Alpha Helix: • 3.6 residues per turn 100 degrees between each amino acid • 1.5 Å between amino acids (more compact than linear amino acids – 3.5 Å separation) • 5.4 Å per turn • Intra molecular H-bonds for stability between every 4 th amino acid o Bond between C=O and N-H groups • Intrinsic dipole moment along axis from H-bonds and N+/C- ends o Electric dipole: 2 charges separated by a distance • Amino acids – Pg 17 o Good: A, E, L, M o Poor: P, G, Y, S o Proline good in first turn of helix – cause bending if in other parts of helix • Typically found on outside of protein so need to be amphipathic (hydrophilic facing outside, hydrophobic facing inside) Beta Sheet: • Made of parallel or anti-parallel b strands o Pleated peptide strand with R groups alternating up/down out of plane o Inter molecular H-bonds between C=O and N-H groups...
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2 - TA Christine Feng [email protected] Section Mon 4-5...

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