Unit0_Spring09 - 1 UNIT 0 WELCOME TO EE 316 SAVE THIS UNIT...

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1 UNIT 0 SAVE THIS UNIT FOR FUTURE WELCOME TO EE 316 REFERENCE Objectives: The objective of this unit is to acquaint you with the procedures and policies for this course. Study guide: 1. Study the attached "Course Information". 2. Write out your answers to the following study questions: (a) Under what two conditions is attendance at your own section required? (1) (2) (b) Under what three conditions is a conference required with your TA? (1) (2) (3) (c) The total number of study units to be completed after this one is (d) To finish the course by the end of the semester, about how many units must be passed each week? (e) Why is it desirable to work faster during the first part of the semester? (f) When is homework required? (g) What is the maximum time that is normally allowed for taking a readiness test? (h) What is the maximum number of readiness tests that can be taken on a given day? (i) What is the requirement for a satisfactory grade on a readiness test? (j) What will be your score on a unit if you pass the unit test on the 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd or 4 th try? _______ On the 5 th try? _______ (k) How many units must be completed to have an "A" going into the final? ___________ A "B"? _____ A "C"? _____ (l) What is the deadline for passing Unit 3? (m) At what times may readiness tests be taken? (n) What is the last date for taking readiness tests? (o) If you do not pass the Unit 16 lab by the May 4 deadline, how many additional tests/labs will you be allowed to pass?_______ (p) Official course communications will be sent to you at the email address on the registrar’s records, which is: ___________________________________________ Rev 01/09
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2 3. The prerequisites for the course are EE 306 or CS 307 with a grade of at least C, and credit or registration for EE 312 or CS 310 . If you have not had these courses (or the equivalent), please see the instructor at once. 4. The required text for the course is Fundamentals of Logic Design , 5th Edition (hardcover), by C. H. Roth. This text comes with a CD containing three software packages -- LogicAid, SimUaid, and DirectVHDL . If you have not already purchased this text, do so today. Earlier editions of the textbook do not include new material to be presented in the course and cannot be used. If you buy a used copy of the 5th edition, make sure that you get the CD with it. 5. You must have the software package that includes LogicAid , SimUaid, and DirectVHDL . This comes with the text as described in paragraph 4 above. We recommend that you install this software on your own personal computer. You may also run LogicAid , SimUaid, and DirectVHDL on any of the LRC PCs in ENS 507, ENS 10, or ACA 1.102. To use any of these PCs, take your valid UT Student ID card to ENS 507 and request an LRC account. Students who are demonstrating finished work to lab proctors or getting assistance have top priority for use of the computers in the EE 316 lab (ENS 10). 6.
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Unit0_Spring09 - 1 UNIT 0 WELCOME TO EE 316 SAVE THIS UNIT...

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