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Misc? Buddhism Tibetan Buddhist Concept of "Reincarnation" 3 states of Bardo chikai bardo (death process) chonyid bardo (intermediate state) sipai bardo (process of reincarnation) Three Major Branches Of Buddhism Mahayana Buddhism east asian buddhism .. .. Theravada Buddhism .. Tai Monks Tantrayana Buddhism "Esoteric" VS. "Exoteric" Tantric Religion Re. .. Mandala Sand Paintings .. Mudra hand posititions Montra prayers hummmmmmm tibetan prayer wheels hand held prayer Tibetan Sky Burial Burial standard is  cremation tibetan carry ashes up Himalayas and throw on snow Indians dispose ashes in river china
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bury ashes
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buddhismfrag - Misc? ▼ ❑Buddhism ▼ ❑Tibetan...

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