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Practice Midterm 2 - 1 The major defining difference(s...

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1) The major defining difference(s) between a prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell is (are) A. the absence of membrane-bound organelles in prokaryotes B. the use of ATP as an energy source C. the presence of a cell wall D. the mechanism of translation of mRNA E. A and C 2) In eukaryotic cells, a protein that will be targeted to the mitochondria is synthesized by ribosomes that are A. associated with the Golgi apparatus B. associated with the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum C. free in the cytoplasm D. associated with the Nucleolus E. B or C 3) The endomembrane system in eukaryotic cells is involved in A. information storage B. protein synthesis and secretion C. lipid synthesis D. energy storage E. B and C 4) If two haploid cells fuse, _________ will result A. a germ cell B. mitosis C. meiosis and mitosis D. a diploid zygote E. a haploid spore 5) Phagocytosis is a process in which A. extracellular fluid is engulfed B. engulfment is followed by vesicle formation C. engulfment is followed by the formation of an early endosome D. engulfment is followed by autophagy E. A and B 6) During asexual reproduction, the chromosome number, whether haploid or diploid is maintained by A. meiosis B. mitosis C. meiosis or mitosis D. DNA replication E. cytokinesis
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The following is the base sequence of a portion of the coding strand of a double stranded DNA molecule: 5’ –GGCTTATACGC- 3’. Answer questions 7-9 based on this information. 7) The sequence of mRNA transcribed from this DNA is A. 5’-GGCUUAUACGC-3’ B. 5’-CCGAAUAUGCG-3’ C. 5’-GGCUUTUTGCG-3’ D. 5’-GGCAAUAUGCG-3’ E. 5’-CCGAATATGCG-3’ 8) The sequence of the template strand of DNA is A. 5’-CCGAATATGCG-3’ B. 5’-CGCATATTCGG-3’ C. 5’-GCGTATAAGCC-3’ D. 5’-CCGUUTUTGCG-3’ E. 5’-GCGUAUAAGCC-3’ 9) The sequence of the anticodon of the THIRD codon is A. 5’-GTA-3’ B. 5’-AUG-3’ C. 5’-CAU-3’ D. 5’-GUA-3’ E. 5’-UAG-3’ 10) This removes RNA nucleotides from the primer and adds equivalent DNA nucleotides to the 3’ end of Okazaki fragments A. primase B. DNA polymerase I
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Practice Midterm 2 - 1 The major defining difference(s...

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