Practice Midterm 3

Practice Midterm 3 - Name: UIN: Section: BIOL 351,...

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Name: UIN: Section: BIOL 351, Fundamentals of Microbiology, sections 901-905, 970, spring 2008 Instructor: Dr. James Golden and Dr. Deborah Bell-Pedersen Exam 3 36 multiple-choice questions and 2 essay questions April 3, 2008 FORM "A" Turn off your phone. NOTES: 1. Before the exam has begun, ALL of your belongings, including phones and calculators should be closed and put away under your desk. The only item you need during the exam is a #2 pencil. You will need your student ID when you turn in your exam. 2. Keep your answers covered as much as possible during the exam. Allowing others to see your answers is cheating. 3. If you have questions during the exam, raise your hand. For reasons of fairness, questions can only be answered if the information or correction needs to be announced to the entire class. The proctors cannot define words or "help you understand" a question. 4. When finished with the exam, turn in the signed scantron form and your essay answers at the front of the room and show your student ID, then leave quietly. You can take the multiple- choice exam questions with you. 5. The answer key will be posted on Vista, usually later the same day. 6. Refer to the class syllabus for information about communicating exam corrections to the instructors. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Fill and bubble in your "TEST FORM" as A, B, or C . 2. Fill and bubble in your LAST and FIRST NAME . 3. Fill and bubble in your UIN (in the section for Social Security Number, if so labeled). Do NOT fill in with your SSN. 4. Fill and bubble in DEPT. and COURSE NO. with BIOL 351 . 5. Fill in your section number, if you know it (helpful, but not required). 6. Sign your name on the scantron form to affirm your identity and that your answers represent your own work and knowledge. ---Always Choose the BEST Answer---
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1) In order for SV40 virus to cause cellular transformation A) viral large T antigen must be expressed continuously B) viral DNA must be replicated C) p53 must be activated D) the virus must infect a permissive cell E) virus progeny must be produced 2) Members of the genera Rickettsia and Coxiella are pathogens with limited metabolic pathways and A) grow inside the cells of the host B) Fx nitrogen from the air C) are photoautotrophs D) are obligate anaerobes E) are in the Domain Archaea 3) The anaerobic purple sulfur bacteria in the gamma Proteobacteria are usually photoautolithotrophs, which means that they A) make their own organic molecules by Fxing CO 2 B) split hydrogen sulFde (H 2 S) as an electron donor instead of water C) obtain electromagnetic energy from photons D) All of the above E) None of the above 4) Which of the following structures are NOT associated with fungi? A)
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Practice Midterm 3 - Name: UIN: Section: BIOL 351,...

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