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Spring08_UML2_Solution - what the symbol represents which...

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Spring 2008 CS1316 UML Practice UML Class Diagrams: Analyze the provided class diagram Answer the questions below about the UML class diagram provided. 1. What do the +, # and symbols mean? + public, # protected, - private 2. What are the instances variables (or fields or attributes) of Person? name and species (inheritance), address and pet (relationship) 3. Which classes understand the method sleep? Animal, Dog and Person (all through inheritance) 4. How many Dogs can be associated with one Person? (Do not simply put a symbol. Explain
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Unformatted text preview: what the symbol represents). * which is 0 to many 5. How many Persons can be associated with one Dog? (Do not simply put a symbol. Explain what the symbol represents). 1 Animal #name : String #species: String +getName() : String +setName( name : String ) +getSpecies() : String +setSpecies( address : String) +eat(food: String) +sleep() +play() Dog -breed: String +getBreed() : String +protectOwner() +runAway() Person -address : String +getAddress() : String +setAddress(address : String) +work() -owner 1 * -pet...
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