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Recitation Guide for February 4 th , 2008 I. Housing Keeping a. Bonus Homework 1 i. TurtleDance due Monday February 11 th , 2008. ii. Replaces lowest homework grade for homeworks 1 4. iii. Heavily based on creativity. b. Exam 1 and exam review session i. Exam 1 will be held in class on Friday, February 8 th . BRING BUZZ CARDS. ii. Exam 1 review session held on Wednesday, February 6 th @8pm. Location TBA. iii. Practice exam 1 posted to T^2. Soon to be posted to the coweb as well. c. Homework 3 i. Soon to be released. d. Quiz 1 i. Should be graded before exam 1. ii. Solution released in recitation and currently will not be posted to the web. II. Introduction to Sound and more on the arrays a. Arrays i. A static data structure is one whose size cannot change once it has been declared. b. Advantages and disadvantages of arrays i. Advantage 1. static length a. length is always known. 2. Easy to index/ traverse. ii. Disadvantage 1. static length
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Unformatted text preview: a. Hard to add more items to filled array. 2. Hard to insert and delete in the middle of the array. c. Sounds i. Essentially working with data in arrays. ii. How would you combine two Sounds knowing the limitations of the array data structure? III. try-catch blocks and Thread.sleep a. General form for try-catch blocks: try{ //code where the Exception needs to be caught. }catch(Exception e){ //code to be executed when the specific Exception is caught } b. Thread.sleep i. For this class, just know that Thread.sleep will pause for the amount inputted. ii. Remember that Thread.sleep takes in an integer representing the milliseconds you want to pause for. So if you want to pause for 2 seconds, you need to do Thread.sleep(2000); iii. Example: try{ Thread.sleep(500);//pause for half a second }catch(Exception e){ System.out.println("An Exception occurred!"); } IV. Bonus Homework 1 a. Questions?...
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02_04_2008_Recitation_Guide - a Hard to add more items to...

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