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Recitation Guide for February 11 th , 2008 I. Housing Keeping a. Bonus Homework 1 Due tonight. b. Homework 3 Due Friday February 15 th . c. Quiz 1 Average: 83 (including zeros) d. Exam 1 - Go over solutions. II. Linked list and homework 3 a. Linked Lists a dynamic data structure that stores information through nodes. Each node is a data structure itself that stores information and the next node that it references. Any given linked list is defined by its first node, typically known as the head. This first node has its data element and then points you to the next node. To find the last element in the list you need to start at the first node and traverse the list node by node until you hit the last element whose next node is null. b. Good real life example: Treasure map c. Advantages and disadvantages of Linked Lists i. Advantages 1. dynamic length can expand to fit more Objects. 2. Easier to insert in the beginning, middle and the end. ii. Disadvantages 1. dynamic length length is not as easily obtain compared to an array. 2. Not easy to index/traverse. 3. More complex conceptually than arrays d. Inserting and deleting in a simple linked list i. Create the first node, node1, whose data is A and next is null. ii.
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02_11_2008_Recitation_Guide - Recitation Guide for February...

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