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Recitation Guide for March 31th, 2008 I. Housing Keeping a. Homework 7 due Wednesday April 9 th b. Homework 6 Demo all this week c. Quiz 3 in class Wednesday April 2 nd d. Exam 2 in class Friday April 11 th II. Go over Pre-Quiz 3. III. UML (Unified Modeling Language) a. Individual diagram Person -int dateOfBirth -String sex +eat() +work() +play() b. Specialization/Inheritance relationship Person -int dateOfBirth -String sex +eat() +work() +play() Doctor -degree -specialization +doDoctorStuff() Doctor is a subclass of Person. Therefore Doctor is a specialization of Person. Name of the class Instance variable, attributes or fields: What the class knows Methods or operations: What the instance knows how to do
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c. Visiblity Visibility Table Mark Visibility + Public # Protected - Private d. Bi-directional relationship Flight -int flightNumber -Date departureTime -Minute flightDuration -String departingAirport -String arrivingAirport +delayFlight (Minute numberofMinutes) +getArrivalTime() A bi-directional association is indicated by a solid line (or a line ending in arrows on either side) between the two classes. At either end of the line, you place a role name
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03_31_2008_Recitation_Guide - Recitation Guide for March...

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