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04_21_2008_Recitation_Guide - more last minute homework...

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Recitation Guide for April 21 st , 2008 I. Housing Keeping a. Quiz 4 average 86 (with 0s) b. Homework 8 due Wednesday April 23 rd (moved up so that TAs have more time to grade before the exam) c. Final Exam Wednesday of Exam week (2:50 5:40pm). Please notify ASAP Professor Smith or Dawn if you have any legitimate conflicts (3 exams in one day, conflict with another exam, etc). d. CSta event: Wednesday (23 rd ) and Thursday (24 th ) 8-10pm. TAs will be available to answer questions. Will try to have at least two TAs for each day. Wednesday will be
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Unformatted text preview: more last minute homework help. Thursday will be more final exam review. Will send out an email as soon we get a confirmation on the room. e. Will try to have all homeworks graded this week. Homework 8 should be grade before your exam but not necessarily this week. II. Go over Exam 2 solutions (if have not already done so) III. Go over Quiz 4 solutions IV. Questions from the floor. Cover some extra topics if requested. V. Handle questions and issues with homework 8....
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