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Recitation Guide for January 7 th , 2008 I. Introduction to CS1316 a. Course coweb: http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/cs1316/ i. To edit the coweb pages, use the following username and password combination: 1. Username: attach Password: carmen 2. An username and password are necessary for the coweb to prevent wikispam b. TAs and the Instructor i. Instructor: David Smith 1. TAs: Dawn Finney , Joel Uthe , Brian O'Connor , Ricardo Corrales , Victoria Au , John Munro ii. Individual Pages for TAs and the Instructor: http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/cs1316/901 . iii. TA and Instructor Quick Contact Information: http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/cs1316/903 . iv. Office hours: http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/cs1316/734 . Remember that office hours typically are not held during the first week. II. Installation and Homework 0 a. Read me first: http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/cs1316/11 i. Course Notes and Installation instructions: http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/cs1316/2 1. Textbook is available for download on the coweb entirely free. Printed
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Unformatted text preview: textbook and CD available at Engineer ’ s Bookstore. 2. Course notes will be available on the Syllabus page: http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/cs1316/900 . 3. Follow the instructions for downloading and setting up Java: http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/cs1316/2#JDK . 4. Follow the instructions for downloading and setting up Dr. Java: http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/cs1316/2#SettingUpDrJava . 5. Try and see if installations worked by doing Homework 0: Setup: http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/cs1316/905#hw0 . 6. Please post questions and issues to the Homework 0 Questions page: http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/cs1316/913 . ii. Review FAQ 2.0 page: http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/cs1316/871 . iii. Add name to Who ’s Who Page : http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/cs1316/901 . 1. Remember that the username and password are attach and carmen respectively. Not pictured: John...
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