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Chapter Discussion Questions 5 - Claire Tu Sociology 1...

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Claire Tu Sociology 1 Section 102222 due Sunday, July 29, by 11PM: 1. (Ch9) Explain why your textbook states that race is a myth. 5pts Race is a myth because time has formed differences and distinct characteristics among the citizens of society. Though the myth that one race is superior to other races exists, this theory can be reasonable because of the basic theory behind the myths of race. Based on the text, one race cannot be better than another because there are always positive and negative features of all races and not one race can be considered superior to another. Furthermore, the myth that a pure race exists is erroneous because there are too many varying characteristics in skin, hair, and other physical characteristics even in a single race to argue that superior qualities exist. 2. (Ch9) What is the difference between individual discrimination and institutional discrimination? Provide an example (past or present) of institutional discrimination. 5pts Poor treatment of one person by another on the foundation of that person’s evident distinctiveness is known as individual discrimination. This specific type of discrimination is from one individual to another individual and is not among a group of individuals
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Chapter Discussion Questions 5 - Claire Tu Sociology 1...

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