VOGL Principles Final Exam

VOGL Principles Final Exam - Humans and the Environment...

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Humans and the Environment Final Exam VOGL Principles 1. There are no absolute principles or universal ecological laws. 2. Amplitude of tolerance is the range of environmental conditions that a species can withstand. 3. Organisms often reflect or are indicative of environmental conditions and can be used as Biometers. 4. Everything living and nonliving is related to or connected to everything else. 5. There is more in common between ecosystems and between different organisms or species than there are differences. 6. The only thing permanent is change. 7. Diversity = Stability Principle 8. Man-made monocultures and simple natural vegetation types are commonly subject to natural catastrophes. 9. “S” Shaped Growth Curve 10. Within optimum ranges, biological activities tend to increase with increases in temperature. 11. Reactions at the chemical, organism, or system level often react synergistically when any of them are combined, producing different and unexpected results in concert than they would singly. 12. Predator-Prey Relationships 13. The most precious natural resource is life, starting with human life and including all living things inhabiting the Earth. 14. Resources are either renewable or nonrenewable, and must be treated accordingly.
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VOGL Principles Final Exam - Humans and the Environment...

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