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1. Amplitude of tolerance is the range of environmental conditions that a species can  withstand. 2. Everything living and nonliving is related to or connect to everything else. 3. There is more in common between ecosystems and between different organisms or  species than there are differences. 4. The only thing permanent is change. When a living thing, community or system ceases  to change it is nonfunctioning, decadent, or dead. 5. The most precious natural resource is life, starting with human life and including all living  things inhabiting the earth. 6. All life is weather-related and climate-dependent. 7. Although each region has its own unique climate, climatic conditions are interrelated on  a global scale. 8. Each year the total area available for resource production decreases, while human  populations and their consumption rates increase. 9. When man destroys nature, man is actually destroying himself.
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Unformatted text preview: 10. A healthy and stable economy and a healthy environment are inseparable goals. 11. Human population growth and increased consumption must give way to stability and equilibrium in order for societies and cultures to continue. 12. From a long-range viewpoint, efforts to modernize underdeveloped countries may be unwise and unrealistic, since they are often presently closer to a quasi-equilibrium with the environment than are industrialized nations. 13. Some people and countries are able to indulge in luxuries and exercise affluent practices because the majority of people and the rest of the world are no demanding or getting their full share. 14. Man is stupid. 15. Matter and energy are indestructible, but can be readily transformed to less desirable, unusable, and even harmful forms....
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