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Claire Tu Biology Professor Petersen 7 October 2008 Nuclear Weapons Chart part II, follow up with friends/family I asked my friend, Kimberly Jen (17) from school about the picture one week ago. It took a while to get an answer out of her because she kept telling me she has no clue. Finally, she concluded that the many “dots” on the picture were “ants.” After finding out the “dots” actually represents nuclear weapons, she was completely surprised. Through my explanation, she was shocked at the statistics I presented. She was so stunned that the dots she thought were ants were actually nuclear weapons that can destroy our planet Earth. I asked another friend from school, Tamlyn Tamiko Ige (17) about the picture a week ago. She thought the “dots” could have been beans on a bean farm. I explained the information of nuclear weapons to her, and she took the information quite calmly. She told me that she has heard about this information in her history courses. She told me that the picture does not really give a good clue
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