Biology 6 Final Exam

Biology 6 Final Exam - B iology 6 Final Exam Environmental...

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Biology 6 Final Exam Environmental Economics, Politics, and Worldview Rescuing a river o Marion Stoddart moved to Groton, Massachusetts – on Nashua River o Nashua River – nation’s filthiest rivers during the 1960s; used as a dump; filled with dead fishes, water may be red, green, or blue from pigments discharged by industries o Marion Stoddart: committed to restoring the Nashua and establishing public parklands along its banks o Created a careful clean-up plan and approached state officials with her ideas o One-on-one persuasion o Educated power brokers and won them over and gained their cooperation in cleaning up the river o Got state to ban open dumping in river – gathered signatures on a petition o Got federal grant to beautify river o Hired unemployed young people to clear away mounds of debris o Persuaded communities to create a riverside park and woodlands along both banks o Politics is concerned with who has power over distribution of resources and who gets what, when, and how. How are Economic Systems Related to the Biosphere? o Natural resources include goods and services produced by earth’s natural processes, which support all economies and all life. o Human resources: physical labor and talent, innovation, organization, culture o Manufactured resources: machinery, equipment, factories (natural + human)
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o Neoclassical economists: Robert Samuelson and Milton Friedman – view natura resources important but not indispensable, can find resource substitutes o Ecological economists: Herman Daly and Robert Costanza – view economic systems depend on environment, irreplaceable natural resources; no substitutes for many natural resources; conventional economic growth will become
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Biology 6 Final Exam - B iology 6 Final Exam Environmental...

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