Chapter 18 Notes

Chapter 18 Notes - M icroevolution 5 conditions of Hardy...

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Microevolution 5 conditions of Hardy Equilibrium Hardy Weinberg principle is in effect if the following 5 conditions are met 1. No mutations: allele changes do not occur; changes balanced 2. No gene flow: no migration of alleles into or out of population 3. Random mating: individuals pair by chance; not according to genotypes or phenotypes 4. No genetic drift: population is large; changes in allele frequencies are insignificant 5. No selection: one genotype is not favored over another These conditions are rarely, if ever, met; do change from generation to the next Evolution has occurred! Hardy Weinberg tells us WHAT CAUSES evolution Microevolution: accumulation of small changes in the gene pool over a short period of time 5 causes of Microevolution 1. Genetic Mutations: raw material for evolutionary change; polymorphic – 2 or more distinct phenotypes are present due to mutated genes ex. freckles or no freckles ex. ABO blood types; mutations do not immediately affect phenotype – may not be detected; recombination of alleles increases the possibility of favorable phenotypes
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Chapter 18 Notes - M icroevolution 5 conditions of Hardy...

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