Chapter 7 Notes

Chapter 7 Notes - o Photosynthesis energy of sunlight is...

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o Photosynthesis – energy of sunlight is used to make organic molecules – water enters plants through roots and CO2 is taken by leaves through openings called stomata ; converts light energy to chemical energy of food; leaves of plants are major sites of photosynthesis, all green parts can photosynthesize o Photosynthesis occurs in chloroplasts of plat cells o 6 CO 2 + 12 H 2 O + Light energy C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6 O 2 + 6 H 2 O o Water is oxidized, Carbon Dioxide is reduced o Chloroplasts split water o Chloroplasts are concentrated in mesophyll cells of leaves; fluid stroma – stacks of thylakoids are grana; chlorophyll found within thylakoid o Light reactions – occur in grana (thylakoid); convert light energy to the chemical energy of ATP and NADPH – NONCYCLIC process Chlorophyll absorbs solar energy in PSII, two electrons become excited and is accepted by the primary electron acceptor, this redox rxn is the first step of light rxn; electrons then move down ETC; The energy lost as electrons travel down the ETC is used to pump H + across thylakoid membrane from stroma to thylakoid compartment. During ETC, Hydrogen Ions tend to collect on one side of the membrane because they are pumped there by certain carriers of ETC which establishes an electrochemical gradient across the membrane that can be used to provide energy for ATP production. Across the membrane are enzymes and their carrier proteins, called ATP synthase complexes. The complexes have channels that allow H+ to flow down the electrochemical gradient. The flow of H+ provides energy for ATP synthase enzyme to produce ATP from ADP + P. This process is called chemiosmosis. After ETC ends the electrons, PSI accepts
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Chapter 7 Notes - o Photosynthesis energy of sunlight is...

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