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Planning_for_Progress - Planning for Progress Consider your...

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Planning for Progress Consider your intention for Public Speaking this semester. What is your attitude toward and/or experience with public speaking? What skills do you want to work on? How are you going to focus extra attention on those skills? What to you expect to accomplish by the end of the semester? Write a 1-2 page essay about your plan for progress. Identify particular areas, explain why they are problems/goals for you, and describe your plan to work on them. Brainstorming 1. Jot down some notes about your experiences with public speaking? Have you given many formal speeches? How have you prepared for them? Were those presentations successful? How did you evaluate the speech(es)? Have you completed other course work in public speaking? What do you want from this public speaking class? 2. Consider your speaking accomplishment according to the chart on pages 27-8 in O’Hair. How would you rate your overall abilities in these different areas? 3. Add some notes about your speaking apprehension. What did your PRPSA score
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