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Last Name (print) _____________________________ First Name (print)_______________________ BISC 320 Midterm Exam 1 -- 9/22/04 Multiple Choice (3 pts each). Circle the BEST answer. 1) Which of the following is a covalent bond? a) hydrogen bond b) ionic bond c) hydrophobic bond d) disulfide bond 2) Isoelectric focusing separates proteins based on their: a) charge to mass ratio b) net charge c) mass d) shape 3) Which type of bond/interaction is most important in determining the tertiary structure of most proteins? a) hydrogen bond b) peptide bond c) hydrophobic interaction d) disulfide bond 4) Denaturation of a protein typically results in a change in its: a) primary structure b) phosphorylation state c) tertiary structure d) mass 5) Which of the following double-stranded DNA molecules has the highest denaturation temperature ™? (only the sequence of one strand is described below, assume the 2nd strand is perfectly complementary to the first and that all the molecules are the same length) a) an alternating series of A and T b) an alternating series of G and C c) a sequence with equal amounts of A, T, C, and G d) they all have the same Tm 6) Which of the following peptides is most negatively charged at pH=7? a)
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Midterm_1_2004 - Last Name (print) _ First Name (print)_...

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