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Christianity Ausgustine (354-430) Bishop of Hippo • MISSING • Regarding the bodily resurrection at the end of time, he accepts healthy skepticism by saying, "if we are unable perfectly to comprehend the manner in which it shall take place, our faith is not on this account vain" St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) • From childhood always interested in other worldly things • Became doctor of the church • Profesor of Theology Univ. of Paris • If heavenly paradise is a realm of "perfection" and "perfection" implies "no further growth or develpment,". ..then logically speaking heaven would become realm of "inactivity," "lifelessness" and "deadening boredom" • To avoid such unintended an undesirable implications of the idea of perfection Aquinas defined "heaven" as the realm of in exhaustable source of truth, joy, etc. • Substantialist tendency of Medievil thinking - everything is substance (entity) Death and Afterlife Medievil Christianity The "Purgatory" • officially adopted by the Catholic Church only thru councils of Lyon (1274) and
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Unformatted text preview: Florence (1439) go here before you can go to heaven Attendant concepts: The "Treasury of Merits" "indulgence" Background of Protestant Reformation Pope Julius II (1503-1513) plans to build St. Peter's Basilica andadopted the "Sale of the tickets of Indulgence" to finiance Pope Leo X (1513-23) Promoted the Sale of Indulgence Martin Luther Monk of Augustinian monastery, objected to the Sale of Indulgence Posted "95 Theses of Protest" against the practice of selling 'indulgence" (selling salvation), nailing it to the door of the Castle Church if Wittenberg, on Oct 31, 1517 became begining of the Protestant Movements Principles: Sola fide -- "Salvation by faith alone", "Justification by faith alone" Sola gratia -- "Salvation by God's grace alone" Sola scriptura -- "Bible alone is the source of saving knowledge, not the church's (council's) decisions, nor the tradition"...
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