Ch 1 - What is Anthropology

Ch 1 - What is Anthropology - ANTH101 Week1 What...

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ANTH101  Week 1 What   is   Anthropology?  27 August 2009 Side-Notes: Registering for the Public Anthropology will not be available until next week  due to website revision. Registration is not needed until two to three weeks prior  to submission of essays. I. An Overview of the Field II. The Sub-Disciplines of Anthropology a. Physical/Biological Anthropology i. Physical   and   biological   variation   among   different   populations,  studying humanity through primate behavior and evolution, make  links between human evolution and human behavior, human and  hominid evolution through fossil remains, genetics, and growth and  development ii. Paleoanthropologists b. Cultural Anthropology  i. Sociocultural Anthropology/Social Anthropology ii. Ethnography, Ethnology 1. Ethnography is a written account by anthropologists of an  individual culture or group 2. Ethnology is the comparative study of different cultures or  the attempt to make generalizations about different cultures a. Sometimes   is   interchanged   with   Cultural  Anthropology iii. Differences   between   separate   cultures   and   society,   religious,  ethnic, and cultural behaviors, study variations in beliefs, customs,  social structure, economic systems, etc., study of things that are  not explained by biology iv. Not   limited   to   cultures   extremely   different   that   anthropologist’s  culture c. Archaeology Anthropology i. The   study   of   human   cultures   through   material   record   such   as  monuments, artifacts, etc.
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ii. Prehistoric anthropology is prior to a written record whereas historic 
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Ch 1 - What is Anthropology - ANTH101 Week1 What...

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