Ch 2 - What is Culture

Ch 2 - What is Culture - ANTH101 Week2...

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ANTH101  Week 2 What is Culture? The Concept of Culture                                                                    1   September 2009 Side-Notes: SI Session 3:00-3:30 Thursday. Immediate registration is not necessary for  the Public Anthropology Project. I. Introducing the Culture Concept a. Culture: basic definition. Who has it? i. Shared knowledge, customs, behaviors, and beliefs of a people ii. Anything that influences a person’s thought process, behaviors, etc,  without them being aware of it (subconscious level) iii. E.B.   Tylor-   “Culture   is   a   complex   hole   that   includes   beliefs,  practices,…   and   any   other   capabilities   acquired   by   man   from  society.” iv. Shared, socially learned patterns, everyone has culture b. Why is the culture concept so important? i. Refutes   biological   determinism   because   culture   is   learned  regardless of genetics, ethnicity, etc. ii.
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Ch 2 - What is Culture - ANTH101 Week2...

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