Ch. 4 - Theory and Development

Ch. 4 - Theory and Development - ANTH101 Week34

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ANTH101  Week 3-4 History of Anthropology and Theoretical Approached                                     10-15  September 2009 Side Notes: Be sure to review end of Ch. 4 “why anthropologists don’t all agree” I. The Origins of Anthropology as an Academic Discipline a. Anthropology  i. Emerged   in   19 th   century   Western   Europe   due   to  imperialism/colonialism ii. “the hand-made of colonialism” – facilitated colonial expansion iii. “We” had to study the “Other” iv. Emerged as a discipline with a goal to explain human cultural  variation and similarities b. Colonialism i. The practice of dominating one country over another ii. Anthropologists in the 19 th   century normally studied places where  their home country had colonies iii. Modern anthropology developed due to the imperialism and during  the height of colonialism II. What explains Cultural Variation? Anthropological Thought in the 19 th  Century a. What is theory in anthropology? i. No one unifying theory ii. An anthropological theory is an attempt to understand or explain,  different   ways   to   describe   how   cultures   work,   a   theoretical  perspectives b. 19 th  century unilineal cultural evolution i. Lewis Henry Morgan     ** ii. Prominent in late 19 th  century, influenced greatly by Darwin and the  theory of evolution iii. Wanted to apply basic evolutionary theory to culture
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Ch. 4 - Theory and Development - ANTH101 Week34

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