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Ch. 9 - Kinship and Descent

Ch. 9 - Kinship and Descent - ANTH101 Week 6 Marriage and...

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ANTH101 Week 6 Marriage and Family Around the World (cont.) October 1, 2009 I. Marriage and Family around the World a. Post-marital residence and household forms*discuss on Thursday* Changes from culture to culture, and interested in patterns b. Kinship diagrams – basic circle-female, triangle-male, =-marriage, line through-deceased, line straight down-parent/child, connecting lines-siblings c. Patrilocal-lives with or near husband’s family (fairly dominant form), close economic ties between men in family, matrilocal-living with or near wife’s family (not very common), close economic ties between woman in family neolocal America-tend to form new households, just with spouse avunculocal- live with husband’s mother’s brother d. Extended households-multiple generations in a household II. Kinship and Relatedness a. What does a kin group do? Kinship is a cultural construction because of this tremendous variation in who is considered kin.
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