Ch. 15 - Art and Performance

Ch. 15 - Art and Performance - 5 Radical Self-Expression 6...

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ANTH101  Week 11 Art and Performance  November 12, 2009 o Types and Purposes o Secular o Religious o Performer/Spectator Relationship o Art is thought as a separate realm of expression o Traditionally, spectators are removed from performance o Breaking down the barrier between the performers and audience o Performance is a human act occurring within and responding to a frame o A frame is a set of social frame corresponding to a set of rules Burning Man: An Incendiary Case o Performing Identities in the Everyday o Beauty in all things o Art’s Pervasiveness o Secular and Religious/Spiritual Confluence o Gender o Identities and Art o Absence of Spectatorship o All things performed/participated o Why so complicated? Ten Principles 1. Radical Inclusion 2. Gifting 3. Decommodification 4. Radical Self-Reliance
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Radical Self-Expression 6. Communal Effort 7. Civic Responsibility 8. Leaving No Trace 9. Participation ** - Possibly on Exam 10.Immediacy Chapter Summary: o All cultures have artistic objects, designs, songs, dances, etc (appreciation of aesthetic) o Western Art – something set apart from everyday life o Art serves as communication by encoding meanings and messages in symbolic form o Body, visual, performance art – tattooing practices of the Maori of New Zealand o Visual Arts – creativity in form, style, technique, design, materials, etc o Performance Arts – sound, movement, aesthetic and communicative o Art is connected to religion, gender, identity, status ** - Possibly on Exam...
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Ch. 15 - Art and Performance - 5 Radical Self-Expression 6...

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