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Critique Essay 2

Critique Essay 2 - Religion plays a major part in their...

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The Yanomami tribe has in fact been a staple in many anthropology books and classroom discussions. Their history is extensive and well studied, but of course, not everything is known about these ancient people. Even though their relatives and people are still around today, there is still much we can learn about them. For example, why do they as a people get plagued with these terrible diseases and incurable illnesses? This is a question that the Yanomami people were hoping to get answered. As a community action project, blood samples were taken and sent to the National Cancer Institute and a university in Pennsylvania for research of the immune systems and immune response reactions of the Yanomami. After years of not hearing anything, the descendants of those who gave blood many years ago want results and the remaining blood returned to them. In their culture, if any personal objects or “pieces” of a person are left after death, the spirit can not move on to the afterlife.
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Unformatted text preview: Religion plays a major part in their culture and to have this hanging over them is not something that I would wish on anybody. It is not right that what they were promised was never fulfilled. There are a lot of legal issues surrounding this current project. One, should the people get their blood back even though they gave it away in the first place, and two, the blood was never used as it should have been. This is an issue that I feel needs to be addressed. Yes it’s the Yanomami’s responsibility to get this straightened out, but doesn’t everyone deserve to be helped? I believe that we as humans should help. Students have a lot more power than they think and are able to make an impact. We should all do what we can to help. This means researching the issue and forming ones own opinion on the issue and figuring out a way that they personally can help. Letter B, Page 1...
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