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Critique Essay 3

Critique Essay 3 - culture It seems strange that they say...

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The Yanomami have helped advance anthropological studies along with educating many students. By giving the blood samples the Yanomami have provided a critical foundation for many studies. A question here arises though: what circumstances where they given for donating the blood? What were the Yanomami told at the time the blood was given? The argument states that the Yanomami were told that the blood would be used to help cure some of the diseases they were dealing with. They were also given supplies, such as pots and machetes, in return for their blood. But were they told that it would be used and then destroyed? If blood was so significant to them, something should have been said. When somebody gives something away, they lose their right over it. If the whereabouts of the blood after the studies were not specified during the exchange then both parties are at fault. Another question arises: were the Anthropologists aware of the significance blood has within the Yanomami
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Unformatted text preview: culture? It seems strange that they say they know so much about the Yanomami yet something as significant as this went unknown. Despite circumstances in the past, the issue still arises as to what needs to be done. The Yanomami have adamantly expressed that they want the blood to be returned and the institutions have all said, in writing, that they would return the blood. What is the hold up? The Federal University of the State of Para was able to successfully give the blood back to the Yanomami. This proves that giving it back is possible. This issue needs to be viewed as a learning experience for both parties. Anthropologists need to be aware of how they are influencing a group of people. The people also need to be educated on the basics of the study. In the future all cultural aspects need to be taken into consideration for exchanges of this nature. Letter C, Page 1...
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