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Critique Essay 4 - The controversy surrounding the blood of...

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The controversy surrounding the blood of the Yanomami is one that is fruitless unless all parties are made to come to an agreement, but this does not seem to likely to happen. It is a simple case to solve, however: give the Yanomami back their ancestor’s blood samples. My idea would not, however, leave current day researchers without anything to study of the Yanomami. Apart from the blood, we know a great deal about the Yanomami. We know a great deal of their political ways and how they deal with someone who has wronged another. We know about their social lives, and how everything from marriage to warfare works in Yanomami society. And since researches have had the Yanomami’s blood for over 40 years, all the information that has could have been taken from the samples has, in all probability, already been taken. We have recorded it all on computers, where the information can be accessed by just about anyone who has a mind to look it up. There can be an argument made that we have, in fact, not learned everything about the blood that we can, and that all we need is more time. This is a valid argument, however is has one major flaw: the blood is out of date. What can still be learned about the blood will be of little if any use to actually helping the Yanomami, which was the original premise that the blood was taken for in the first place. The blood was taken by James Neel with the promise that researchers
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Critique Essay 4 - The controversy surrounding the blood of...

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