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ANTH101 Week 15 Nalini by Day, Nancy by Night December 3, 2009 o Business process outsourcing in India. o In India’s call centers telemarketers acquire American names and accents to service the telephone-support industry of the U.S. o Provides contextual analysis to the socio-political history of globalization and capitalism o The film is a wonderful commentary on identity in the new millennium that intersects diaspora with global outsourcing o Educates the viewer on the resolute connection between class, Anglo- American colonial history, globalization, and the clash between national and regional cultures o Gulati, herself an Indian immigrant living in the US, explores the fascinating
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Unformatted text preview: ramifications of outsourcing telephone service jobs to India o Including how native telemarketers take on Western names and accents to take calls from the US, UK and Australia. o The title is a reference to the fact that many call center folks in India adopt alternate names "to avoid difficulty in pronunciation" during the phone call o "Cultural Briefings" and pronunciation training that these employees receive when they are hired - depending on whether these call center "operators" are speaking to people in the UK or USA, the cultural info and accent training changes...
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