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Egypt (continued) A. Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (one of the most powerful rulers of his time) a. Akenaton: Aton is good i. Wanted to get rid of polytheism (which was part of society for years) ii. Temples/religion supported economy b. Author of the world’s oldest monotheism with Aton (solardisk) as the sole of god c. He moved his capitol to a new location and named it Akhetaten i. In between Memphis and Thebes d. Once he died polytheism went back into practice e. His son was King Tut B. Yanham – non Egyptian a. High ranking officer, in charge of graineries C. Zoroastrianism (Parsi Religion) a. Zarathustra Spitame (660-583 BCE) of “Magi” (priestly class) in Ancient Persia b. Possibly oldest successful monotheism c. The religion of “Revelation” – God reveals himself to us i. Avesta – the holy book ii. Gathas – Words of Zroraster d. Ahura Mazda – One God e. Angra Mainya – personification of everything against God f. Theology:
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Unformatted text preview: - Zoroastrian Eschatology 1. the vision of the end (final judgment) 2. Historical outlook-Every moment happens once – don’t waste them- Zoroastrian Dualism 3. Light – Darkness 4. Good – Evil 5. Truth – Falsehood-Ahura Mazda creator of good (things on left)-Angra Mainya creator of bad (things on right)- Sudreh and Kusti 6. Sudreh – constant human moral struggles- Funerary practice 1. Bungli (funeral house) a. Nasu – agent og Mangra Mainu i. Claims body (worker of evil) b. After 3 days changed into death garment (sudreh, kisti) 2. Dakhma (the Tower of Silence) – permanent structure 3. destiny of soul a. Sraosha & Fravashi escort the soul to the bridge i. Guardian angels b. Cross the Chinvat Bridge to meet Mithra i. Mithra – god of reckoning -Resurrection and the Universal Salvation 1. Those condemned to hell have chance to salvation...
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