tarek khalil - Technology management in China: a global...

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Unformatted text preview: Technology management in China: a global perspective and challenging issues Richard Li-Hua University of Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, and Tarek M. Khalil University of Miami, Miami, USA Abstract Purpose This paper reviews the framework of the management of technology (MOT) field and examines some application cases of technological development and innovation in China. It addresses various crucial issues necessary in the establishment of infrastructure, strategies, mechanisms and systems of technology management in China. It draws upon knowledge acquired from the US experience in this field for the past two decades. Design/methodology/approach An overview and conceptual paper based on observations and research experience. Findings This paper stresses the importance of keeping-up with the fast pace of technological change and the emerging new global paradigms of the business environment. MOT is an important strategic instrument to improve competitiveness and create prosperity in countries that effectively apply it. The paper draws upon the experience of the US in MOT over the past two decades and projects what may be needed for China to continue its development and economic growth in the future. There is a need for appropriate infrastructures, strategies and mechanism to be established in order to support the diffusion of MOT principles throughout China. Educational institutions offering business and engineering education need to introduce MOT curricula following the US model or develop a new model shaped by the Chinese culture. Originality/value This paper presents the crucial tenets of technology management and provides some observations and insights on technology transfer, technology strategy and innovation process in China today. It suggests critical areas that decision makers in government agencies, enterprises and international funding agencies need to address with respect to MOT in China. Understanding the existing gaps in the process of technology management will assist in implementing more sustainable arrangement for successful technology transfer and development. Keywords China, Change management, International business, Knowledge transfer Paper type Conceptual paper Introduction The main purpose of this paper is to argue that globalisation is beginning to affect international business environment bringing to the forefront the importance of studying management concepts as to their synergies or differences between West and East. It seems that the science and technology of the developed countries of the West, and now also Japan, dominates and controls the whole world. Most technologically based products, carrying Western and Japanese brand, sell all over the world....
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tarek khalil - Technology management in China: a global...

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