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301 Launching Leaders Creating Org Values

301 Launching Leaders Creating Org Values - Creating and...

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Creating and Stating Organizational Core Values, Page 1 of 4 Launching New Leaders Joyce Sjoberg (503) 235-4616 / (503) 780-1482 [email protected] Sharon Stack (704) 739-2371 (ext. 1678) / (704) 734 - 4535 [email protected] Creating and Stating Organizational Core Values: Values are deeply ingrained principles that guide all organizational actions. Values are also enduring beliefs that a specific mode of conduct or end state of existence is personally and socially preferable to alternative modes of conduct and/or end-states. They are the generalized beliefs and motives about what is or isn’t desirable in terms of how individuals should behave within an organization. Goals: To identify a foundation that assists team members in aligning their professional actions and beliefs. To provide a core document that helps conduct business and provide stability. Once agreed upon, these values can help guide the leader and team members through change and decisions. Group Size: The preferred size would be a small group of 12 – 15 people. In the event the organization is larger, break the teams into groups of 6 – 8 individuals. Time Required: 30 – 60 minutes, depending on the number of people and the complexity of conversation It is important to remember that beliefs, assumptions and values include a very broad array of concepts that help individuals to order, judge, and link or otherwise explain events. These concepts include biases and prejudices, habitual thought patterns, proverbs, sayings and learned or assimilated ways of thinking carried forward from childhood, as well as those of current or recent origin. Whatever their source, all have the impact of both organizing and limiting experience and response. Discussing values can sometimes result in very different opinions and feelings within a group. The
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