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Amazing New Mind Power Secret - Amazing New Mind Power...

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Almost all mind power books say that one has to visualize in order to get results. But for me, and I dare say many of my friends/readers, visualizing is extremely difficult: all I can summon up in my imagination is a vague picture, lacking vivid colour and depth, lasting for no more than a second or two. This left me very frustrated, and I was close to giving up mind power altogether when I hit upon the idea which I will explain to you in a moment. A friend of mine whose hobby was expensive hi-fi equipment had been saving for a certain component costing just over $800. He had saved about $500 when, alas, he damaged his car. He was only insured for third party, fire and theft, so he had to foot the bill for the damage which left him with only $25. I thought that this would be a good opportunity for testing my idea. He followed my instructions faithfully and within one month he had the component in his bedroom. It happened that he won a competition in a magazine which gave a first prize of $1000 worth of hi-fi of your choice from a large hi-fi shop in London. This was the first time my friend, who frequently enters such competitions, had won anything. The results from this first test made me very excited so I decided to try a second experiment with another friend of mine. He wanted a girlfriend, but he wouldn't settle for any girl - he wanted a particular girl. For this reason it cost him a few pounds to have a photograph of her, which he took secretly, enlarged. This delayed the result of the experiment by a couple of weeks, but had he not been so particular it would have happened more quickly because any picture of a woman with similar features to what his ideal woman looked like would have brought results. He got his girl in five weeks. He did not have to try - she came to him. Since these experiments with my friends I have enjoyed very satisfactory results from using the same idea for myself. I have always wanted to play the guitar and have tried many times, but with no success. In the past six months I have progressed more than I ever thought possible; and can now even play solos and lead breaks. I have also just ordered my first brand new car for
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Amazing New Mind Power Secret - Amazing New Mind Power...

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