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PPD 240 Yoder Public-Service Ethics in a Transnational World 1 I. Introduction a. Research Question: What are the existing standards and their implementation mechanisms for international standards for public ethical conduct? b. Description of environment for international public ethics standards c. Roadmap/ major points to be made i. Reasons for emerging standards ii. Global and regional initiatives 1. Transparency International iii. Emerging global values iv. Preliminary observations about emerging standards II. Behind the Emerging Global Standards a. Governments and international organizations are interdependent (Cooper & Yoder, 1999) i. Nation-state no longer locus of governance because of USSR demise, political upheaval in Africa and Middle East ii. Global economy iii. Supranational organizations iv. Technological cooperation b. Increasing interdependence creates a need for governance structures that transcend individual nation-states (Soysal, 1998) i. Thick v. thin globalism (Keohane & Nye, 2000) ii. Transnational efforts may improve governance 1. Interdependence creates a need for a surrogate government (Waltz, 1999) 2. Nation-states not doomed (Farazmand, 1999) c. Parallel rise in international organizations (O’Toole & Hanf, 2003) d. Other reasons we suspect i. Widespread reform of bureaucratic systems 1. New Zealand and Australia 2. U.S. 3. Canada ii. Threat to developing countries from corruption and bribery 1. Practice of conditionality (Collingwood, 2003) 2. Harms to economic development (Seligson, 2001) iii. End of the Cold War (Rose-Ackerman, 1999) iv. Increase in globalized crime (Stanislawski, 2004) v. Increased focus on terrorism post-9/11—not likely 1. Antiterrorism efforts may reduce corruption (Transparency International, 2004) 1 Yoder, D. E., & Cooper, T. L. (2005). Public-service ethics in a transnational world. In H. G.
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  • Fall '07
  • Yoder
  • Political corruption, Transparency International, Yoder, Global Corruption Report, International Corruption Conference

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